Monday, August 9, 2010

Hi Everyone,

The third product that I am going to introduce to you is the customized badge. These badges come with various sizes that range from 1.25 inch, 2.25 inch and 3 inch. The price for the badges are as follow:

1) 1.25 inch @ $2.90
2) 2.25 inch @ $4.90
3) 3.0 inch @ $9.90

Add additional $1.00 for magnet, keychain or handphone strap.

I will encourage each badge to be printed with one picture. Upon completion, I will mail it out to your address. Therefore, the badge should only arrive the next working day upon confirmation.

Below are some of the completed design that I did for my previous customers. Corporate customers who are keen to engage the service, please kindly call me at 96704167 or email me at for more information.

I hope you would like this new product.

Cheers ~ Ernee @ 96704167